Our story

H2 Seating was established to craft and produce seating furniture that provides the best way to relax, rest and recharge.

From our Norwegian base we are building furniture based on proprietary know-how, expertise and technology that has taken decades to develop, perfect and refine.

The development team in Norway has many years of extensive experience from different parts of the comfort furniture industry.

Emphasis on comfort and functionality combined with efficient production in specialized manufacturing facilities has always been one of the cornerstones of Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde furniture philosophy. This is also a core foundation when a new chapter in the Norwegian furniture industry is underway.

H2 Seating was founded by furniture industrialist Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde and is a result of 80 years experience in the design and manufacture of quality motion furniture.

In 1941, Otto Hjellegjerde founded what over the years was to become a global player in Scandinavian furniture. His grandson, Nils Gunnar, was the one to take the Hjellegjerde Group out into the world. After the group went public in the late 1990s, the family gradually sold itself out of the business.

In 2006, Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde became co-owner of the contract furniture manufacturer, Hove DK Co., Ltd. In the same year, he established the recliner and functional furniture manufacturer, International Möbel Group (IMG).

With relentless focus on product development and innovation and a strong leadership by Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde, IMG quickly became a major global player in the recliner and motion furniture segment with multiple manufacturing units and sales distribution across the globe.

Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde sold the entire IMG group to Ekornes in 2014. He continued to lead IMG until August 2017, and from 2017 until 2019 he was a board member and senior advisor for the Ekornes Group. Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde chose to step down from the Ekornes Group after it was taken over by the Chinese furniture company Qumei.

A highly experienced team of passionate furniture people has joined Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde to build H2 Seating into the preferred manufacturer and supplier of comfort furniture. Lars Inge Jakobsen is in charge of the company’s activities in Norway. He is also Development Director for the entire H2 group. Jakobsen was a co-owner of IMG until it was sold to Ekornes, and he had a key role at IMG until he started at H2 Seating in 2020.

Breivika In Industriveg 63
N-6018 Ålesund