Its time to take a break!

We are passionate in our quest of crafting and producing the best seating experience.

Everyone needs to relax and recharge, and each H2 Seating products was created with your wellbeing in mind.

All our products are inspired by our Norwegian roots and built on know-how and experience that has taken decades to perfect and passed down from generation to generation.

There are many reasons why our furniture is so comfortable. It has to do with the knowledge and people involved, all innovative solutions we put into the products as well as choice of materials.

H2 Seating offer several options so you could find the product that’s just right for you. We offer a multiple designs, different sizes and functionality levels. We also offer a range of different leather types in a selection of beautiful colors.


All our products are crafted with precise tailoring solutions, cutting-edge designs and with innovate technical solutions.

We are, with our vertical integrated manufacturing facilities and advanced manufacturing techniques, able to produce a product range with comfort, functionality, and quality unlike any other in the industry.

Our products are sold through authorized furniture retailers around the world. These service-oriented dealerships strive to make your shopping experience as informative and exciting as buying new furniture should be. Please contact us and we will direct you to the closes store carrying H2 Seating products.

It’s time to relax. Find your own space. Sit down. Recline, Relax and Recharge. Enjoy life!

Breivika In Industriveg 63
N-6018 Ålesund