How do I assemble my H2 Seating product(s)?

Each H2 product is assembled slightly differently. With the products you will receive a set of intuitive and easy to follow instructions that guide you through the assembly process for your specific furniture piece.

Can I dissemble my H2 furniture for transportation? 

H2 furniture can be disassembled for easier transportation. We do recommend you take extra care when disassembling your furniture though, as rough handling may lead you to damage your products. Please contact us directly for advice if needed.

How can I care and clean my leather chair?

The most important is to dust and wipe the surface of your leather furniture regularly, by using a soft cloth with the addition of some Leather Cleaner if needed.

Direct exposure to strong light can cause any leather to fade, so always protect leather from direct sunlight or other intense light sources. Daily or weekly dusting and vacuuming with a brush attachment is recommended for normal maintenance of leather.

More information about Leather Care can be found under Service.

Why is my leather stretching after some use ?

Leather is a natural elastic material, and its shape reflects the amount of use. Just as new shoes need some breaking in, so does your leather chairs and sofa. This stretching is not a defect but an inherent natural quality of the leather.

What kind of leather does H2 use?

H2 Seating use only top grain leather sourced from the premium tanneries around the world. We offer three types of leather.

  • Essenza is a robust leather with a protective top layer for easy maintenance.
  • Aurora is a leather with a rich and vivid look with distinguished silky patina.
  • Grace is a premium soft and comfortable leather with a modern and clean look.

Where is H2 located?

Our Headquarter, innovation and product development as well as sales- and marketing teams are based in Norway, while production takes place in new and highly technologically advanced factory facilities in Thailand.

Can I buy directly from the H2 factory?

H2 Seating do not sell directly to the consumer or have our own factory outlets. Our products are only available through independent authorized furniture retailers around the world. These service-oriented dealerships strive to make your shopping experience as informative and exciting as buying new furniture should be. Please contact us directly and we will direct you to the closes store carrying H2 Seating products.

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