We care

There is much talk about the triple bottom line by focusing on social and environmental impact as well as financial results.

We are happy to join in, and as Norwegians we understand the importance of the nature, and the environment we are a part of and the human power of equality, fairness, and opportunities for all.

Our pledge to the environment goes both through making furniture that spans generations as well as in our operations. When you purchase a product from us, you can be assured that this will last you a lifetime. Raw materials are selected with care and sustainable manufacturing processes are embedded into our culture.

H2 Seating have made long term sustainability a prerequisite in all parts of our operations. To be more specific, we have tied this commitment to five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Ensuring equal treatment and opportunities for all genders, ethnicity and people of different religions is the best way for the company to expand our talent pool and recruit and retain the best talents.
  • Educating and building and sharing knowledge that creates better tomorrows is essential for the success of the company as well as the development of our people and community around us.
  • Make products that stand the test of time. What is best for the environment can also make the most sense financially. There are probably manufacturers that offer furniture at a lower initial cost than us. But in the long term, taking product lifetime into account, we believe we are unbeatable.
  • Build an industry for the future. It is possible to operate an environmentally friendly factory anywhere in the world. It is possible to build a business based on longevity and sustainability. It is possible to self-generate sufficient renewable power for our operations. It is possible to phase out materials that are harmful to the consumers, employees and the environment.
  • Materials and production. We are committed to using materials that are sustainable and manufacturing processes that have a low environmental impact. We source local materials for our products, for both environmental and social responsibility reasons as well as ensure quality. We use sustainable or by-product timber which comes from legal verified or FSC certified timber sources. Paint and glue is carried out in accordance with the strict environmental requirements with use of water-based chemicals and eco-friendly closed loop systems.

Breivika In Industriveg 63
N-6018 Ålesund