Warranty policy

H2 Seating strives to provide the best in quality and service to all of our customers.

We do this through thoughtful constructions and designs working with the very best suppliers and using superior raw materials.

Last but not least we have an extensive quality control at our production facilities.

The following outlines the Warranty Policy for your new H2 product(s). Please take the time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with its contents. Please also note that all warranty periods stated (in year) below begin from the original date of purchase

Lifetime warranty – frames

Structural steel frame elements and wood frames are warranted against breakage for life to the original purchaser. 

Lifetime warranty for frames is provided to the original consumer and only if the products is still upholstered with the original cover.

10-year warranty – molded foam

Molded foam cushions are warranted against collapsing for a period of ten (10) years.

Loss of foam resiliency should not be confused with softening of foam or stretched cover, which are results from normal use. Owners of upholstered furniture should also expect foam and fiber fillings to compact a little over time.


5-year warranty – mechanism

Functional and moving parts as well as recliner mechanisms including steel springs are warranted against breakage for a period of five (5) years.

Please note that this do not cover any form of minor sound and noise in the mechanism or unevenness when turning the swivel mechanisms. This is normal and the results of regular use.

2-year warranty – power and electrical parts

Warranty period for defects of actuators, electronics, massage and related parts are two (2) years.

Excluded from the warranty are immaterial defects or deviations in the properties and condition of the product, which are negligible for the value and intended use of the equipment. Replacement of spent batteries and rechargeable batteries and cables being cut/squeezed or another way damaged is also not covered by this warranty.


2-year warranty – leather and fabric

H2 leather products are warranted against tearing and cracking for a period of two (2) years. H2 fabric products are warranted for a period of two (2) years against seam slippage, fraying, and dye transfers.

This fabric warranty does not cover tears, flattening of nap, pilling, fading, or shrinking and is not valid when heavy soiling or abuse is evident.  The warranty does not cover normal fading, damage due to improper use of chemical treatments that are not endorsed by H2, damage from lack of required caution or regular care and maintenance. The warranty does not include claims for veins, wrinkles, natural markings from healed scars or variations in grain or color. These natural features are proof that only genuine leather has been used. The warranty does not include stretching of leather or fabric. This is normal and results from normal use. Exposure of leather and fabric to sunlight or extreme light sources will cause fading and damage and is not covered by the warranty.


2- year warranty – Workmanship & other materials, parts and components

All other materials, parts, components, and other furniture products not specifically included in the above Limited Warranties and workmanship are warranted against defects for two (2) years.


  • Warranty is based on normal household use and extends only to the original purchaser through the retailer that has sold the product(s).
  • The warranty does not apply if the furniture is used in commercial, contractual, lease-related, institutional or nonhome conditions.
  • All our furniture is designed to suit a maximum user weight of 120kg/265lbs and any weight in excess will invalid this warranty.
  • These warranties are additional to those warranties by any state or county where the purchase was done. In no way do the warranty restrict, negate, modify or limit any rights of the consumer under the laws where the purchase has been done.

H2 assumes no warranty obligations for defects arising from normal wear, accidents, acts of God, negligence, misuse, abuse, shipping/handling or alteration of the products. The warranty is void if the customer fails to perform routine maintenance as recommended, modifies the product or if the product is not installed and/or assembled and/or not used in accordance with H2’s assembly instructions and care guidelines

Required Maintenance

Proper cleaning and making sure all fasteners are tightened must be performed regularly. Check and tighten all bolts, screws and knobs every four (4) months.

Regular dusting with a damp, clean cloth and use of an approved leather and fabric cleaning and protection cream every six (6) months is required.

Soiled areas on leather should immediately be cleaned with proper H2 approved leather and fabric care and protection products. Use of any other leather and fabric treatment products will invalidate this warranty. Please ask your retailer for more information or a list of approved leather care products.


Do not to remove cushion covers for dry cleaning or separate washing. Avoid using bleach, oily substances or strong detergents (including laundry detergent). Keep ink, body fluids, chemicals and sharp objects away from your leather and fabric. Exposure of leather and fabric to sunlight or extreme light sources will cause fading and damage.

Particular care should be taken if you are taking certain medications (including, but not limited to; chemotherapy, blood pressure and heart medications). Some properties of these medications can be transferred through perspiration onto the surface of the furniture and cause Stains or Damage. If you use these kinds of medications, we recommend that you increase the frequency of cleaning and protecting your leather furniture. Pay particular attention to arms and head rests, and areas that experience the most body contact.


Upholstery with moving mechanisms should be operated with extreme care. Do not stand on the chair or on the footstool. Do not sit or stand on the armrests. Keep the chair seat in an upright position when not in use. Failure to follow these cautions can result in injury. Please refer to assembly instructions, where applicable, for further information.

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